New To LBC?

Every one of us was new at one time as well, and not that long ago since we are one of the newer church families in our community.

If you visit us, you’ll find that we don’t focus much on externals. For example, very few of the guys would wear a suit and a tie to our worship services – some even come in jeans.

What matters to us is knowing God. We’ll be frank about it. We believe in truth, that God has told us what that truth is in the Bible (God’s Word that was recorded by those chosen by God to be his spokesmen). Yes, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. There isn’t any other way to have a relationship with God the Father than through Jesus His Son. And Jesus is our Savior. Implied in that statement is that there is something we need to be saved from – namely, ourselves and the ways we’ve made a mess of our lives and the ways we’ve hurt other people (the Bible calls such things “sin”). While we sincerely believe all these things and more and want others to believe as well, understand that we’re interested in gently instructing anyone as to what the Bible teaches. Come and learn in a non-threatening environment.